Workflow Automator

Expand Google BigQuery with a unique capability to orchestrate and schedule multiple queries, scripts, APIs, and exports in one systematic process called workflow.

Process Efficiency

Schedule workflows that automate tasks covering the whole Big Data lifecycle: ingesting, exploring, processing, analyzing and visualizing.

Templatized workflows allow for greater team collaboration by enabling non-SQL language business professionals to take advantage of Magnus.

Greater Visibility

Full purview into every task that comprises each workflow.

Analyze workflow history costs and timing to identify areas to improve performance and reduce costs.

Configurable email alerts/notifications for workflow issues and/or completion updates.


Data Explorer

Easily manage and query your existing Google BigQuery data, giving full transparency into all your data assets in seconds.

Increased Productivity

Goliath provides an extended set of features to help increase productivity and efficiency while working with Google BigQuery and Cloud Storage.

Robust features for quicker exploration, creation, and sharing for datasets and tables.

Objects sorting, grouping; Support for workspaces and parameters and many more to boost users productivity.

Condense workload into a single step with an expedited large file upload and download process.

Additional Benefits

Go beyond SQL, with support of GoBQ, Goliath allows you to create sophisticated golang scripts combining multiple queries.

In seconds, you can turn ad hoc queries into easily digestible graphs, tables and charts.


Our unlimited free usage of Goliath and free trial of Magnus allows you to get a feel for Potens powerful tools before you make the commitment to our annual subscription.

  Trial Standard
Magnus Tool Access Yes Yes
Subscription Length Flexible 1 Year
User Seats 1 10
Admin Tool No Yes
Tech Support Documentation Email Support
Usage Reporting No Yes
Workflow and Task Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Price Free $999 / Month

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